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July 12, 2019
ACDC is much different than most cannabis strains due to its extremely low THC level and its extremely high CBD level. ACdC is a cross between Ruderalis and Cannatonic. It...

New Tincture Series – Check out the Healer Collection

June 26, 2019
First, what are tinctures? Believe it or not, tinctures are nothing new. Tinctures were the age-old method of consumption before the cannabis prohibition was enacted. Tinctures are liquid concentrates created...

GSC Strain Review

June 24, 2019
True GSC and its derivatives share certain unmistakable characteristics.  Light orange pistils, bright green in the leaves, medium purps with a layer of frost making it look silver in certain...

Product Highlight – Mimosa Flower

June 15, 2019
Mimosa from Forward Gro is a sativa hybrid with a very loud, dank smell.  It has a deep rose taste on most.   Tight nugs, light green buds and bright...

Betty’s Eddies by GTI – Product Highlight

May 30, 2019
These are some amazing edibles.  Vegan, fruity, chewy, tasty!  Made with healthy, natural ingredients to include Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cannabis Infused Organic Coconut Oil, Trimoline, Natural Flavor, Citric Acid, Freeze Dried...
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