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MMCC Stats Sept 2020

September 4, 2020
As of September 3, 2020, the MMCC is currently processing the following dates: Pending New Patient Applications: 08/07/20 Pending Resubmitted Patient Application: 08/05/20 Pending New Caregiver Applications: 08/30/2020 Resubmitted Caregiver...Read...

MMCC Statistics Aug 2020

August 11, 2020
One year ago there were 75K certified patients in the state of MD. As of the end of July, we have seen a 32% increase to bring certified patients to...Read...

2020 Election – The Impact on the Cannabis Industry

July 31, 2020
By Bill Vernall On November the 3rd 2020, decisions will be made for the Party of your choice. It’s a Presidential election year, determining who will lead our country for...Read...

Alcohol or Cannabis?

July 31, 2020
Cannabis usage is often grouped in with alcohol consumption as methods of finding relaxation, disconnecting from responsibilities and when used in excess induce intoxication. Depending on your goal for consuming...Read...

July Employee of the Month – Matthew Meyers

July 2, 2020
Congratulations to Matthew Meyers who continues to go above and beyond at Nature’s Care and Wellness. Matthew embodies the NCW Lifestyle. He is intelligent, acts with a sense of urgency...Read...
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