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New Tincture Series – Check out the Healer Collection

First, what are tinctures?

Believe it or not, tinctures are nothing new. Tinctures were the age-old method of consumption before the cannabis prohibition was enacted. Tinctures are liquid concentrates created by extracting cannabinoids and terpenes into alcohol, glycerin or a high burning temperature oil (like MTC or coconut oil).

Tinctures have a slightly longer onset time than inhalation (typically 10-45 minutes) but provide longer-lasting relief (effects can last between 2-6 hours). Tinctures are discrete (no odor) and do not require any special devices; making them easy to administer when needed. Tinctures allow precise dosing and are taken orally which eliminates the respiratory irritation you might get from inhalation. Many patients report being able to attain higher medical benefit from lower dosages. If stored properly, they can have a very long shelf-life; making them more economical and sustainable.

What makes the Healer Tinctures so special?

These doctor-developed products are thoughtfully designed for all types of patients and all types of ailments. They are deliberately crafted to help prevent symptoms rather than chase them. Each of the tinctures come with a step-by-step dosage guide and response tracker to help patients find their optimal dose and frequency.

The Healer tinctures are produced from Natures Heritage cannabis and are crafted to maintain their complete range of medicinal compounds (entourage of acidic cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other minor constituents) and provide a high medical value. The extraction process provides whole plant medicine, not allowing valuable parts to be watered down or non-existent.



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