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What is Vaping?

By: Ncw Staff May 10, 2021 no comments

What is Vaping?

Vaping medical cannabis is a very effective way to medicate. Vaping is discreet and private. Vaping gives you an opportunity to utilize the inhalation method of consumption without some of the undesirable effects of traditional smoking. Vaping makes for a great rescue method when going through bouts of pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, needing energy etc.

When the user smokes cannabis flower, it is known. Let’s look at a scenario. Try walking into a family party after smoking a joint- everyone’s eyes go straight toward you (and that’s not the paranoia). There is an after smell, blood shot eyes, it is on your breath, hands, hair and clothes. You would love nothing more than to go pick up your cousins new born baby but when you get close to them theyyyy do not want to let you hold the baby. They may say something like “I can’t pass you the baby, but we will pass you a joint how does that sound” and they all get a chuckle at your expense. They don’t know however, that you use cannabis as medicine. You may need it to just be able to walk in there. All of your family hanging out, drinking, watching sports, talking about their jobs, hugging and kissing. That’s great, but you may need to get medicated before that. How do we avoid all of the aftermath of smoking? Vaping! Vaping provides an alternative route for inhaling cannabis without combustion. There are vapes that don’t smell like weed at all. Before vaping, take a nice deep breath in and out and then with a short, controlled inhale hit the vape. Get a nice smooth exhale and put your game face on for the party. It can be tough to break away from a party to smoke. It is not tough to pull a vape out of your pocket, hit it in the bathroom, blow it out the window and go back to the festivities.

While vaping has incurred somewhat of a negative connotation and has gotten some bad press along the way, cannabis vapes in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Program are going strong and providing relief for many patients, for many different reasons.

If you are looking for a new, easy and functional way to use cannabis on the go give vaping a try. It may change your life!

Medical Cannabis may only be consumed by a qualifying patient.

While we do believe in cannabis as medicine NCW does not guarantee results.

While we are happy to provide guidance, cannabis product choice/consumption method is ultimately up to the end user.

NCW is a retail dispensary. We do not process or grow medical cannabis. NCW is not an approving provider and we do not certify patients.

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