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Pinene is another popular terpene found in the cannabis plant. This terpene is a monoterpene, like Myrcene & Limonene, but it is bicyclic as well. This means it has two isomer structures, a-pinene and b-pinene. A-pinene is the most common of the two. Both forms are major components of many essential oils and also many cannabis strains.

Besides it’s notable pine smell, benefits have been documented as anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and pain relief. These benefits were discussed in-depth in a Biomolecules publication in 2019. An even more exciting benefit that is still being researched is as a broad spectrum antibiotic and a bronchodilator. In a 2011 paper published by neurologist and cannabis expert, Dr Ethan Russo, discussed how low doses of pinene can actually dilate restricted bronchial tubes which can help relieve asthma symptoms. In addition, he also noted that pinene can interact with a natural body enzyme, acetylcholinesterase, which can aid in short term memory impairment. More studies need to be completed but this is very exciting news.

During your next visit, ask you technician for strains high in pinene when your looking for relief from anxiety, inflammation, or you just want that natural forest aromatherapy effect.


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