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October 2020 Employee of the Month – Christina Little

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October 2020 Employee of the Month – Christina Little

A huge congratulations to Christina Little for being Octobers Employee of the month. Christina can often be found hiding back in NCW packaging creating only the best packages for our patients! Christina is also a resident artist at NCW creating masterful photographs as well as unique drawings. We asked Christina a few questions; here’s what she had to say –

Why did you chose NCW?

Prior to the COVID pandemic, I was a hair stylist. Once the quarantine hit, I had to find a new position. NCW seemed like the perfect match since I have been a cannabis advocate since the mid-90’s.

How has cannabis impacted your life?

I started as a cannabis smoker in the early 90’s and attended a few “smoke ins” to protest the legalization of medical cannabis. I started to learn more & more about the benefits. I enjoyed listening to the testimonials from people that got their lives back from cannabis.

What do you do for fun?

I love hanging out with my friends laughing and enjoying life. As an artist, I love drawing and creating original pieces to relieve stress. I also love listening to music of all kinds.


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