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Cannabis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

By: Ncw Staff August 7, 2020 no comments

Cannabis for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

You may know this feeling. Your breath shortens, chest tightens up, heart starts pounding, eyes tense up, teeth clench, hands shake, body vibrates, vision blurrs… it’s a panic attack. What do you do?

Panic attacks can be seriously debilitating. Medical cannabis has been helping people stay calm and come out of attacks upon onset. NCW continually gets testimony from patients reporting that cannabis is helping with immediate and long term relief.

Vapes help stop and eliminate panic attacks right at onset. What is great about cannabis in 2020 is you have options. There are Vapes for every person with different profiles. Your bud tender will take time to walk through the options with you and explain what it means and how it can help. There are CBD Vape options too you could get right now in the lobby at NCW that may help too.

When you start feeling a panic attack coming on try this: 1. Hit the vape. 2. Take a deep breath. 3. Focus on what is in front of you. 4. Feel better. You may think this sounds corny but it works. Give yourself permission to breathe. Allow yourself to focus. Take control. Welcome concentration. And yeah-Feel better 🙃

When you get your card you are not only getting cannabis. You are getting safe access. Having safe access instantly removes the opportunity for fear to creep in based on a worry of doing something illegal you could get in trouble for. It gives you a comfortability. A sense of confidence knowing you are bettering yourself and that you can do it safely and without hassle. No one will come after you because you use cannabis as medicine.

Come into NCW and talk to a bud tender to figure out what the best potential solution would be for you. Regardless of how you consume- smoke, vape, edible, sublingual, drink etc. we will find the right product for you.

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Cannabis May only be consumed by a qualifying patient.

While NCW is here to provide guidance we cannot guarantee results.  The user makes the ultimate decision in what to use and how to use it. 

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