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Pechoti Method of Cannabis Consumption

By: Ncw Staff August 4, 2020 no comments

Pechoti Method of Cannabis Consumption

The Pechoti Method (PM) recently gained traction as a consumption technique that has the potential for excellent medicinal benefits. What it is, is a way to penetrate the skin and have direct access to the 72k+ nerve endings in the belly button. Mike from NCW recommends using the Mary’s Transdermal 1:1 (THC:CBD) Compound as a solution to get the best benefit when consuming cannabis via PM.

Making contact with those nerve endings presents a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to potential symptom relief. There are terpene infused oils hailing from the Middle East that have been renowned to boost absorption when utilizing the PM.

Mike Kohn is the resident golf enthusiast at NCW and utilized the PM last year at the Annual CHEP (see below) Golf Tournament Fundraiser. He was quoted to say “It started kicking in probably about 20 minutes after I put it on. I have been feeling great the entire time. I have been hitting the ball good. I have been nice and calm and the tension is way down.”

Communities Helping and Empowering Patriots (CHEP) is the resource for homeless and transitioning veterans in Cecil County. This year on Sept 27 the tournament is back. NCW’s very own Bobby and Bonnie will be working the beer cart keeping refreshments ready for you! Reserve your slot by contacting Jenn Travers at 4432066359.

Next time you are at NCW ask for Mike to get an update on how the PM is helping him!


Cannabis May only be consumed by a qualifying patient.

While NCW is here to provide guidance we cannot guarantee results.  The user makes the ultimate decision in what to use and how to use it. 

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