July Employee of the Month – Matthew Meyers – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

July Employee of the Month – Matthew Meyers

By: Ncw Staff July 2, 2020 no comments

July Employee of the Month – Matthew Meyers

Congratulations to Matthew Meyers who continues to go above and beyond at Nature’s Care and Wellness. Matthew embodies the NCW Lifestyle. He is intelligent, acts with a sense of urgency and always puts patients first. Matthew is part of the dedicated patient consultant team. He works with approving physicians and patients to come up with the best possible medical regimens for those with unique and complex conditions and symptoms. Matt is very much into fitness and is living proof that a lifestyle of plant based wellness can yield amazing physical results. Matt also writes the Cannamed Article in the monthly newsletter. Outstanding in every direction!

We spoke with Matt and here is what he had to say-

“Being a patient here in Maryland with Nature’s Care and Wellness as our dispensary I witnessed a willingness to help that was unique only to NCW. Maryland is not my home state, but me and my family feel very at home here. Inspiration finds us anew everyday and I believe it’s because we’re in a place that allows us to be ourselves. Part of that new found liberty has come from the experience and family found at Nature’s Care and Wellness. Aside from being an employee, NCW was my first experience with a Maryland state dispensary. As we walked through the door we were met with kindness and expertise that immediately hooked us as patients. My experience with dispensaries in other states was that they treated patients like cattle, corralled into a straight line, disallowed from even speaking to openly. Cannabis has been transformative in my life because I have personally watched people whom I love very much suffer with conditions for years; whose symptoms were resolved spectacularly and they begun to get back to regular life. This works, and I want to be a part of what makes the world better, not what takes from it. I want to aid people in recovery and offer help to those who can’t catch a break because it’s the right thing to do, and I believe I’ve found that along with a family and inspiration here in Maryland at Nature’s Care and Wellness.”

We thank Matt Meyers for his hard work and positivity. We are excited to not only see him grow but to grow with him on this journey to wellness. Great job Matt!

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