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What is 710 and why do we celebrate it?

By: Ncw Staff June 25, 2020 one comment

What is 710 and why do we celebrate it?

What is 710? Where did it come from? Quite simply, 710 in our community is a symbol of cannabis in its oil form. How so? Trickery! What happens when we flip 710 upside down and backwards…? Ohhhhh. It spells OIL!

It is not about just smoking weed any more. Cannabis in its oil format was made popular by cannabis advocate Ricky Simpson. He discovered a way to extract the oils in the plant and found that the oils had amazing benefits. It came to light that the oils had medicinal properties.

Oils are used in many different ways and are called different things. We have recently seen a surge in varieties of oils coming in syringes. We see CO2 oil, RSO, terp sap, distillates and more. Oils come in vape cartridges for a cleaner way to take advantage of consumption via inhalation. The dab community celebrates 710 because loose concentrates are, oil.

Oils have unique spectrums of cannabinoids and terpenes. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, there may be an oil for you. Consuming oils has been shown to be the best and most powerful way to use cannabis and get the most out of the plant. Oils can be consumed edibly, sublingually, dabbed, smoked, vaped, applied topically and more. Oils are used to make products like tinctures, tablets, drinks; the list goes on. While we haven’t seen them yet out here in MD, oils are also used to make products like suppositories, feminine items, inhalers, eye drops and even deodorants.

Oils have many names in our world too. Errl, wax, concentrate, dabs, sauce, sap, honey oil, BHO (butane hash/honey oil) and syrup just to name a few. But where do these names come from? Our Director of Operations Jordan said “Cannabis users are very literal people. We come up with names based on the obvious characteristics of the product. If it looks like sap, we call it sap. Looks like sauce, call it sauce. Keep it easy.”

The picture you see here is the top of Connor Sheffield’s race car. Connor is one of the biggest advocates for cannabis oil as medicine. Cannabis oil saved his life. He is living proof it works and he is a voice for us on Capitol Hill fighting for change and acceptance.

NCW patients are getting real results using oil. Ask your budtender about using oil to combat cancer, alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms, increase quality of life for hospice patients, reduce chronic pain and manage other symptoms.

Join us on 7/10 as we celebrate this plant in its oil form. We will be having a party and you are invited! Check out our Facebook for details. See you then and remember “a dabll do ya!”

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