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Vireo Health / 1937 Cannabis

By: Ncw Staff June 15, 2020 no comments

Vireo Health / 1937 Cannabis

NCW is proud to partner with Vireo Health / 1937 Cannabis in a joint effort to provide safe access and educate our community about the wonders of this medicine. NCW and Vireo share passion when it comes to cannabis education, fighting the opioid crisis, ending the stigma and taking care of our troops. Vireo is outspoken in the field. You will find them at events promoting cannabis and advocating for patient rights. Vireo was at cannabis lobby day in Annapolis in support of our movement and the betterment of the program. Vireo is continually researching the science behind cannabis to create products that may help with symptoms resulting from opioid withdrawal. Vireo has done research with veterans to unearth and understand conditions common amongst veterans post service. Vireo also provides human resources for veterans looking for help understanding cannabis.

Vireo Health is a physician-led, patient-focused medical cannabis grower-processor dedicated to providing patients with best-in-class products and high quality care.

Dr. Paloma Lehfeldt serves as the Director of Medical Education for Vireo Health. Dr. Lehfeldt brings to Vireo more than ten years of experience in psychiatric research, community outreach, and teaching. She has expertise in neuroscience with a keen interest in pain management/analgesia in the endocannabinoid system. Her interest in cannabis as medicine is a direct result of working with patients and research participants unable to control chronic pain and their subsequent opioid dependence.
At Vireo, Dr. Lehfeldt is the direct line of communication with providers and physicians and organizes outreach events, conferences and lectures for both providers and patients. She is passionate about the use of cannabis as medicine, and looks forward to advocating it’s healing properties throughout her career.

Theresa Svboda represents Vireo/1937 in the field and we are so fortunate to learn from and work with her. Theresa has an incredible vision for the success of our entire community. She is always looking for innovative ways to come together and let people know this medicine is helping people.

Tune into the NCW Facebook for a live stream educational seminar from Dr. Paloma, Theresa and Tommy on Thursday at 3PM.

Win Swag by sharing and liking the video which will air at 3PM. You will have until 6PM to have a chance to enter to win.

Vireo/1937 products will be on sale from 3-6 on the 18th during the virtual pop up.

Chime in during the pop up to have your questions answered and learn some great information about this plant we all love and are continuing to learn about. See you then!

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