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Moon Rocks vs. Sun Rocks

By: Ncw Staff June 13, 2020 no comments

Moon Rocks vs. Sun Rocks

There has been a lot of discussion in the cannabis community about the differences between moon rocks and sun rocks. Since the beginning of safe access in Maryland we have only seen them on the selves a few times. Commonalities between the two include the utilization of flower and concentrates. They can both be smoked and are guaranteed to pack a high power punch to even the most seasoned consumer.

Moon Rocks are nugs (buds) of flower that have been coated in cannabis extract oil and dusted with kief. A great way to make your moon rocks super concentrated is to crack the bud open in various spots and drizzle some oil in the crack and put it back together. This will ensure super saturation of the nug as a whole. It is easy to use RSO, C02 oil, Terp Sap and Distillate to coat the bud with, because of their easy application method via plastic syringe. once the bud is put back together and the outside is coated in oil you cover it with kief. The kief will stick to the oil. This is a very sticky process! The kief consists of separated trichomes and collects in the bottom of the grinder or can be bought loose.

Sun Rocks on the other hand are strain specific. To make a true sun rock it must be an OG strain. OG is most commonly known as “Ocean Grown” and originates from Cali. Grown under that west coast sun. Some would argue OG stands for Original Gangsta or less commonly referred to as Original Genetics. Sun rocks are just buds that have had wax drizzled over them. You can dust some kief on them but you don’t have to. With sun rocks you will see more of the bud. You can also make little designs.

Be careful when using sun and moon rocks. Try them at a time where you don’t have to worry about doing anything for the entire day. These may have long lasting affects and with this much power has a very good chance to be sedative regardless of the strain make up.

Please let us know if you have any questions about signing up to get your medical marijuana card in Maryland. We are here to help answer any questions you have about cannabis.

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