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Cannabis Terpenes vs Botanical Terpenes

By: Ncw Staff June 11, 2020 no comments

Cannabis Terpenes vs Botanical Terpenes

Cannabis Terpenes vs Botanical Terpenes

Terpenes have gained mainstream popularity in the cannabis industry as more people have learned about the important role they play in attracting each of us to our favorite cannabis varieties. The art of perfecting formulations using the terpene trifecta (flavor, fragrance, and therapy) is what creates best-selling cannabis products (vapes, edibles, topicals, and more).

Terpenes are highly sought after by cannabis manufacturers because of this. However, due to the high cost of pulling terpenes directly from cannabis, “cannabis-derived” terpenes specifically are in high demand and low supply. And, there is far more to the puzzle than cost and availability alone. Considerations such as standardization, efficacy, and scalability are all driving factors that have inspired manufacturers to pull terpenes from other plant sources; which are abundant in the same molecules of interest that cannabis contains.

It’s important to note that although cannabis is a plant, and therefore botanical, the industry has collectively referred to non-cannabis derived terpenes as botanical terpenes. Both botanical and cannabis-derived terpenes serve very unique and equally important roles in manufacturing. Contrary to rumors spread by self-proclaimed aficionados, neither source is “better” than the other. They both serve their purpose and their functions vary greatly.

Clarity on Efficacy: There are some rumors that cannabis terpenes are more efficacious in producing the entourage effect in the body. This is quite simply untrue, but many companies still promote this heavily in their marketing. While there are benefits to using cannabis-derived terpenes, they aren’t any more effective than using plant-derived terpenes. In fact, when formulating for therapeutic results, the opposite is true. Companies may have good intentions, but those who use this as their primary selling point are misleading consumers and confusing other industry professionals. Whether conscious or unintended, it’s misinformation.

Once isolated, there is essentially no difference between terpenes pulled from cannabis compared with those pulled from other plants. Arguably, other than synthetics, a molecule is a molecule. It simply comes down to a business decision based on what the manufacturer’s formulation goal is. There are legitimate reasons for selecting both, as we outline below, but by no means is one “better” than the other.

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