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June Newsletter

By: Ncw Staff June 8, 2020 no comments

June Newsletter

CW News In June 2020 – Everything turns around. Believe goodwill happens and it will manifest. The human race is in need of some serious good vibes and thankfully June brings them! NCW and the cannabis community are excited to celebrate Pride Month with you! Of course, we give props to the Canna-Dads for Father’s Day. This year instead of socks and beer maybe grab the old man some herb. Can’t buy meds but Maybe surprise him with some Hemp Flower. Those high levels of CBD will certainly help his old joints and reduce aches and pains that come with fatherly wisdom. June brings a fresh start. Let’s keep our chins up, smile hard, and spread positive vibes! 

Vendor Highlights NCW is back with another virtual vendor day and we will be joined by Vireo’s Dr. Paloma. On Thursday, June 18 from 3-6 we will live stream to talk about the Vireo product line and how it may help you. Green Thumb is coming back with some surprises as well so be on the look for that too. Who knows what else is in store this month at NCW so keep an eye out and let’s learn and have some fun together.

Employee of the Month: Erin Tyszko

Congratulations Erin!!!

Erin Tyszko is a shining star and we are excited to select her as the June Employee of the Month! One thing that separates Erin is her versatility. She is an amazing patient consultant, has a great social media presence, always acts with a sense of urgency and recently took over as the CBD program manager. We asked Erin a few questions, here is what he said:

Why did you choose NCW?

I chose NCW because it stands apart from all other dispensaries. I chose NCW for the people as well—the teamwork, vibes and passion for what we do. I realized, very quickly, there was no better place to be.
How did you get into cannabis?
My interest in cannabis started in HS but not for getting high. I wanted to learn about the plant and its benefits. I just found it fascinating.
Is Maryland your home state?
Yes, MD is my home State! I consider myself to be a little bit of a Baltimore Hon, if you will 🙂


When life gives you cannabis make lemonade! Ok so not literally, however, there is a common relative inbetween lemon and cannabis. Limonene is a terpene constituent present in cannabis as well as lemons and other fruits and flowers. Professional bodybuilders will sometimes drink lemon water as a preworkout energy supplement. One of the reasons for doing this is to preemptively engage our adenosine receptors within our muscle cells. Its kind of like stretching before you go for a run. Youre still going to go for that jog, but after stretching youre able to run longer because the muscle was pre-activated. Limonene in our system stimulates our adenosine receptors making them more apt to accept ATP for increased workload”, aka working out. So if you have time in between reps stop by Natures Care and Wellness and get fresh squeezed.Matthew Meyers

MD CannaMom:
MD Cannamom has been popping off! Check out the page for all types of information about understanding and ending the stigma when it comes to cannabis. We also have a closed group where we can share together. No trolls either! The group is a safe space to share without judgment. The page will go live every other week on Thursdays at 710 on Facebook. “COVID Cleaning” was our recent episode where we explained how to clean your medical cannabis apparatus’. MD CannaMom is for anyone who supports parents using cannabis. Let us know what you want to see in an episode and what questions you have so we can learn together. Oh, and what kind of music do you want in the background? We need good tunes not DJ Clueless playing a mix from the 60s/70s and 80s! LOL!

Staying Safe-Times R Changing:
Whats going on in this world today is something I havent seen in my 67 yrs. on earth. My goal, keeping my family safe, yes, we are all NCW family and we have a responsibility to keep each and every one of us safe. The sharing of medicine is not permitted in Maryland by the MMCC law. Now more than ever, this is critical to staying safe. We may use the same Bowl, Dab Rig, Bong. The sharing of devices with others is not acceptable. The transmission of this deadly virus by sharing devices is just a bad idea. We all have to do our part to defeat this deadly virus. Four easy steps to stay healthy – 1. Wash your hands. 2. Maintain six ft of social distance. 3. Wear a face mask. 4. Stay at home, use NCW Delivery. Many in our NCW family are like me, we are classics. We have an older immune system making us more susceptible to the virus. Taking extra precautions is the new normal, I cant stress this enough. If someone gets mad because they cant use your device, explain Im doing this for your safety as well as my own. Just Saying………..BV

In The Community:
Life City Church and Community Center are coming to the church building next to NCW! Life City will have its first service on June 6th at 5 PM Outside the church under a tent and we will be practicing safe and social distancing with masks and sanitizer available. The community center will offer a wide array of services for our community to include drug counseling, youth services, exercises, a café, and more. It will be a place where like-minded individuals can gather and feel safe in a judgment-free zone. Life City is here!

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