Success Shatterday 6/6/2020 – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Success Shatterday 6/6/2020

By: Ncw Staff June 6, 2020 no comments

Success Shatterday 6/6/2020

On this Success Shatterday we are highlighting patient S.W. (SW). SW has had their card since before the dispensaries opened.
“I have been using cannabis my entire life. When I found out I would be able to get it legally I didn’t believe it. It took months after having my card to be able to buy. But when I was able to it changed everything.”
SW is primarily a smoker and will do an edible once in a while. When asked why they use cannabis they said because they like to get high. We asked what it meant to them to get high. As it turned out, according to SW getting high meant clearing their mind, being pain free and getting tired so they could sleep. Their idea of getting high was finding relief from the day to day grind. So in this sense “getting high” was really getting help managing symptoms of 3 different qualifying conditions (pain, anxiety and insomnia).
“Calling weed cannabis is new to me. We always just smoked weed. And a lot of it. We never had sativas and indicas or crazy names. Mostly we had good weed, decent weed and crap. But we smoked it all. And it always made us feel better. But it is much better buying from the store. Having a selection is way better than eyeballing and smelling the pot to know what we had. And there is a world of information that I have learned and shared with my friends. We share info but we don’t share our weed any more, because that’s illegal.” (At this point, they made a devilish grin 😈)
SW talked about how far weed has come. Back in the day they knew there was magic to the plant but they didn’t know why, they just knew.
“My friends loved getting high together because it was like bonding. There is a camaraderie between pot heads. But at the same time we all smoke for personal reasons. It helps us get through bad times. It makes the good times better. It makes kids tolerable when they are going nuts. And then when they grow up and start smoking they see why we did it. It’s like when you figure it out, and you finally get it, you wonder what ass hats made it illegal to begin with. And we grow weed. We always have and we always will. You gonna tell me I can’t grow a plant, that helps me live my life? Come get me.”
SW reported success from their friends too.
“As we get old we get sick and start having problems. I have told countless people that marijuana can help them. Most didn’t want to listen but the few who did saw results. A couple of my friends who tried it were going through chemo. They were so sick. Nauseous, in pain, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t function. Then when they tried some cannabis it changed their lives. Chemo still sucked but the symptoms weren’t as bad. A few of them had their cancer go into remission. This plant will change your life”
NCW thanks patient SW for their testimony and sharing their story. This is proof that cannabis has medicinal benefits. SW is a pioneer in the fight for cannabis acceptance and has helped the lives of so many by introducing them to safe access. We are so proud you are part of our family and community. Cannabis Saves Lives!!!

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