Success Shatterday 5/30/20 – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Success Shatterday 5/30/20

By: Ncw Staff May 30, 2020 no comments

Success Shatterday 5/30/20

Today’s Success Shatterday Story is about Casey Workman. Casey is an NCW OG and has been making masks to help keep the community safe. Here is what Casey had to say-

“I started coming to NCW when you had to make an appt to be seen. They were just opening, so I’ve been a patient since the very beginning.

The need in the community and my own crafty skills inspired me to start making face masks. I thought it would be a few for friends & family but it took off and has been pretty steady. My feedback has been very positive. Im a flexible seamstress so I’ve been able to accommodate several special requests. That makes me happy, I live to help people, I’m a fixer.

I’ve had several people that keep coming back for more for family members, co workers, and friends. I feel like I’ve brought some peace, relief, and fun to the community.

Reasonable pricing takes away stress, I don’t want anyone to go broke buying something that is now essential. Knowing you’re covered brings relief. I think right now, with people not being able to see your smile, it’s important so show some of your personality with cool designs and colors.

I also have met so many people that were dealing with an uncomfortable ill fitted mask. Something that fits right and is comfortable is so important, especially to those who have to wear a face covering for extended amounts of time.”

If you want to get a mask from Casey shoot her a message on Facebook. Thank you for doing a good service for our community Casey!

3t-6t $5

Posted by Casey Price Workman on Friday, May 29, 2020

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