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Veterans and Cannabis

By: Ncw Staff May 25, 2020 no comments

Veterans and Cannabis

Cannabis is a touchy subject in the veteran community. There is still a big stigma inside many vets because of anti marijuana training while serving. That wall is being broken down as more and more veterans are obtaining safe access and speaking out in favor of cannabis.

Historically the answer for suffering and sick veterans has been pills. The running joke is “Motrin for everything” Sprained ankle? Motrin. Fever? Motrin. Girlfriend broke up with you? Motrin. Arm blown off by a land mine? MOTRIN! Ok so that’s kind of funny but the sad truth is military doctors prescribe pills. And a lot of them.

Two common conditions veterans suffer from are pain and PTSD. Opioids are the most common answer for pain. After a while they lose effectiveness and veterans become addicted. For PTSD there is a myriad of SSRIs, anti depressants, mood stabilizers, anti psychotics and more.

Many veterans suffering from PTSD are seeing relief using cannabis. Veteran patients are reporting cannabis helps calm them down especially during times when it gets really bad. Cannabis is helping them offset and control paranoia, hyper vigilance, anxiety, sadness and more symptoms arising from PTSD.

Lots of veterans suffer from physical pain. Many veterans hurt down range have undergone serious surgeries and are being given pills that make them zombies. No one likes pills except, well, big pharma. NCW is here to offer an alternative solution for veterans via plant based wellness. New technology with cannabis outside of traditional inhalation is where we are seeing real results. Cannabis applied topically is not only providing surface level relief but deep healing. Oral consumption methods are providing full body effects to mitigate pain and provide comfort. And don’t get us wrong; inhaling is a good method too!

The veteran community is strong. NCW recognizes and respects our veterans and thanks you for serving. As a way to show thanks we offer 25% off everything in the store for our veterans all day every day.

Today is Memorial Day and today we remember our fallen brothers and sisters in arms. They gave up everything for us so we can be free. Every day their sacrifice is appreciated by us here at NCW. For the Army HOO-AH!!! Marines OORAH! Navy Hoo-Yah! And Air Force – Ouch (I got a paper cut)

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