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What is RSO?

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What is RSO?

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO as we call it is a thick, viscous oil that has been making break through waves in leading the way as one of the most effective ways to medicate with cannabis. The oil gets its name from long time cannabis activist Ricky Simpson (RIP) who first discovered this oil using an alcohol extraction process. Patients using RSO were reporting tumor reduction and even putting cancer into remission.

One of the most common questions is “How do you use RSO?”. RSO is similar to CO2 oil, Distillate and Terp Sap because they all can be consumed the same way. There are many ways to consume RSO. It is edible. You can squeeze a little bit on to a cracker and bam you have an edible saltine. You can make topicals with it. It can be dabbed like any other loose concentrate. It can be used when making suppositories. One of the most effective ways to use it has been shown to be via sublingual application. The user will dry out the inside of their gum in between the lip and jaw area and then while you’re gum is still dry put a squeeze of RSO in there. About a rice grains worth. Then just let it sit. Within 15 minutes or so it will dissolve and within an hour it should kick in. It is full body relief and it lasts for a really long time, some users report it can even last into the next day after using. It is very strong so make sure you are not scheduled to do anything when you use it for the first time. Set yourself up in front of a tv, be ready to relax, make sure you have food and water and then see what happens. Effects will depend on the type of RSO as well. Dosing recommendations should also consider body type height and weight. A little goes a long way. RSO comes in strain specific, full spectrum, cannabinoid heavy and terpene focused.

To find the total milligrams of THC or CDB in in a 1 gram of syringe of RSO multiply the THC percentage by 10. For example:
Heritage RSO Syringe
THC: 83.9%
83.9 x 10 = 839
Therefore, in the 1-gram syringe there is a total of 839 mg THC.
When figuring out dosage it is ESSENTIAL to look at the syringe and calculate how many milligrams of THC is in each tick mark. For the Heritage example each tick mark is equal to 20.98 mg of THC. This is found by dividing the total mg per syringe by the number of tick marks on the syringe with Heritage there are 40 tick marks and 839 mg THC so 839/40 = 20.98
Cannabis in the form of RSO is extremely potent and should only be used by those patients experienced with THC sublingually. It should also be noted each RSO is different and must be calculated based on the percentages of THC and ratios on the syringe.
RSO can be diluted for easier usage.
RSO Tincture:
2 ounces of hemp oil, olive oil, or liquid coconut oil
1-gram RSO
1 empty glass tincture bottle
Heat the oil of your choice at the lowest possible heat setting in a saucepan. Next stir in the entire contents of the RSO and continue stirring until RSO is completely blended with the carrier oil.
2 ounces of fluid has 59 ml in them so using our example of Heritage RSO at 839 mg THC per 1-gram you would give you 14.22 mg of THC. This is calculated by taking the total mgs of THC in the RSO and dividing it by 59.
839/59 = 14.22mg per 1 ml
RSO Capsules:
Making RSO capsules can be done a couple of ways.
1st way: Put amount needed of undiluted RSO directly from the syringe. This is a bit of a tedious project as it is important to be sure you are putting exact amounts in the capsules and the tick marks on the syringe can be hard to read. Using the Heritage RSO as our example since we know it contains 839 mg THC and it has 40 tick marks so we will divide 839/40 = 20.98. This means if you put two tick marks of RSO in each capsule it will equal 41.96 mg of THC per capsule.
2nd way: Heat one ounce of carrier oil in a saucepan on lowest heat setting then stir in the full syringe of RSO. Continue stirring until well blended.

RSO has been an effective solution for increasing overall quality of life for those with late stage cancer, on palliative care and in hospice care.

For more information on RSO and how it may help you ask your technician at the store, call 4432521383 or email info@ncwmedical.com

Medical cannabis is only to be consumed by an approved patient.

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