Total Dispensary Sales Over A Year – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Total Dispensary Sales Over A Year

By: Ncw Staff May 20, 2020 no comments

Total Dispensary Sales Over A Year

The total sales of medical cannabis from April 2019 – March 2020 was almost 300,000,000. The cannabis industry is booming and sales continue to rise month after month. This is proof that what our community is doing IS working. Day by day we are breaking down barriers and ending the stigma against cannabis.

Marijuana Business Daily said that the amount of patients has grown by almost 34,000 people since last year, a 55% increase. They added that 1.6% of Maryland’s population—which is a little over six million people—are registered as medicinal cannabis patients, which is higher than the United States average. Maryland also has one of the highest numbers of dispensaries per capita in the United States.


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