May 2020 Newsletter – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

May 2020 Newsletter

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May 2020 Newsletter

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The proof is in the pudding. Our community is making great strides toward ending the stigma against cannabis as medicine. How do we know? Because the cannabis industry has been deemed ESSENTIAL! The human race is facing an enemy like we have never seen before in Covid-19. NCW has expanded its precautions to keep our staff and patient base healthy and safe while continuing to provide safe access. We implemented curbside pickup so patients do not have to get out of their car or come into the store. The

delivery radius was expanded to the entire state of Maryland. Our technicians are wearing masks and practicing social distancing. For years cannabis advocates have fought for patient’s rights and it is working. Cannabis is here to stay. Cannabis is medicine and it IS Essential!!!

Virtual Vendor Day—Green Thumb
On May 7th from 3-6 PM Green Thumb and Nature’s Care and Wellness are doing a virtual pop up on the NCW Facebook page. Green Thumb processes Dog Walkers, The Feel Collection, Doctor Solomon’s, and of course, RHYTHM. We will be running deep specials on all of these brands during the pop-up AND you can win swag by participating in the trivia after the stream. See you then!

Employee of the Month: Joseph Gonzales

You see Joe Gonzales curbside. You see him deliver. You see his positivity, great attitude and hard work every day. We are so proud to select Joe as the May Employee of the Month! We asked Joe a few questions, here is what he said:

Why did you choose NCW?
I chose NCW for the comradery. It was unlike any other dispensary and I’ve been to them all trust me.

How did you get into cannabis?
I started using cannabis when I was in high school. I didn’t realize the profound effect it would have on the world. I hope it continues. I work here to make sure it continues.

Is Maryland your home state?
Maryland is my home state. More specifically Edgewood. That town definitely bred me into who I am and what I stand for today

MD CannaMom:

MD Cannamom is a Facebook group and page created by NCW Manager Bonnie. MD Cannamom Is for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles caregivers, and anyone out there who is doing an amazing job raising our youth while being a cannabis user. Parents who use cannabis have come

under serious fire from the stigma crowd. “How can you raise kids while on the pot?” “You are setting a bad example for our youth.” “Kids don’t need their parents to be high.” “Only bad parents smoke weed.” These hurtful words come from a place of ignorance and MD Cannamom is here with you so we can educate and show the world that cannabis is medicine. So check it out! Join the group, give the page a like, and introduce yourself in the forum. Great minds think alike and great minds, use cannabis. See ya there!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a system in our bodies intended for the promotion of balance in our day to day lives? Such a system most definitely exists! It is called the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS is responsible for many bodily functions. Found in all complex forms of life from fish to humans, the ECS has been hard at work within our bodies from day one. When we consume cannabis it interacts with the receptors in the ECS. Check out the NCW blog for the full article and to learn more.

Patients here in the state of Maryland all have a say in what works and what doesn’t. We can bring balance to our own lives through education and promote community well being as we all grow together. So come hang out with us over at Nature’s Care and Wellness. Never feel bad about feeling good. – Matthew Meyers

Strain Review:

There has been a lot, a looooot of gas on the shelf recently. One strain that has time and time again stood out is Biohazard which is cultivated by Grow West. Cresco turned GW Biohazard into Live Sauce that boasted a total terp profile of over 21%. The THC reading was almost 70% and was apparent in the diamonds found amidst the sauce. Patient testimony from “JJ” was “Super chill high, made me feel a super good body high I enjoyed it. Tasted really good too. And I like the consistency”. Next time you have the chance to get your hands on Biohazard we *Highly* recommend you jump on it! – Iggy Stefanski

In The Community:

Connor Sheffield is back to the races! Connor is a 15 year old MMCC patient and is the face for approved minor medical cannabis patients across the state and country. Connor represents NCW and our community on the track rocking the #42 on his race car. Connor and many minor patients use oils to medicate so what is on the top of his car? A clock reading 7:10. Connor will be racing on May 9th at 5 PM in Orangeville PA. Check out @connorsheffieldracing on Facebook for more details. Way to go Connor! NCW is proud of and supports you!


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