Patient Statistics Updates 4-21 – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Patient Statistics Updates 4-21

By: Ncw Staff April 22, 2020 no comments

Patient Statistics Updates 4-21

As of April 21, 2020, (MMCC) is currently processing the following dates:

  • Pending New Patient Applications: 04/12/20
  • Pending Resubmitted Patient Application: 04/08/20
  • Pending New Caregiver Applications: 04/21/20
  • Resubmitted Caregiver Applications: 04/21/20

If you applied before this date and did not receive a temporary card or an MMCC ID card in the mail – please log into your account to check the status of your application.

It looks like it is less than 2 weeks for state approval for new patients and within a day for caregivers. Caregiver applications are free so if you have a loved one who needs help buying their cannabis, register at the link below. It is a good idea to line up your certifying provider so you are ready when you get your 16 digit ID#. Once you have both we can serve you. Right now we are offering Curbside pickup and Delivery state wide. Call 443-252-1383 to place your order or on or


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