Newsletter Jan 2020 – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Newsletter Jan 2020

By: Ncw Staff January 14, 2020 no comments

Newsletter Jan 2020


At Nature’s Care & Wellness we pride ourselves on the ability to host our menu on numerous online ordering platforms such as Lea y, Sticky Guides, and even our very own NCW Medical App.

Available in the Apple and Android app store, our app can be used to view our en re menu, place Pickup orders, and delivery orders. It’s getting cold outside and with the snow coming its always best to stay in, stay safe and get your medicine delivered!

Justin Burleson

Employee of the Month: Laura Wilson Congratulations!!

Why did you choose NCW?
I chose NCW because of the great positive atmosphere. Everyone who works here tries their best to help everyone who walks through the door

How did you get into cannabis?
I started using cannabis when I was a teenager. It helped me with anxiety and depression. I self-medicated un l I was able to obtain my medical card last year. I believe cannabis can help so many people with an array of issues.

Is Maryland your home state?
I have lived in Maryland for most of my life. There were a few years that I lived in Pennsylvania. I consider Maryland my home.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! January is a time of reflection for us to sit back and think about where we are in life and where we want to be. For many of us, the holidays have just ended and we are exhausted from all the festivities. Trans-Nerolidol is a terpene found in cannabis that has a woodsy orange aroma. It is found in many other plants such as lemongrass and jasmine. Trans- Nerolidol is relaxing and slightly sedating, it also has an -fungal and an -bacterial proper es. This terpene when smoked or consumed orally can relax the mind and body without causing significant drowsiness. When this terpene is used in a topical lo on it can help with skin irritations and fight bacteria and fungus growth. Come on into NCW to have your bud-tenders help you nd strains and products with Trans-Nerolidol. Remember to love yourself and take me for self-care!

Bonnie O’Callaghan

STRAIN REVIEW: Gorilla Quake
Let’s talk Gorilla Quake by CRU, and what it can do for YOU! It is a balanced hybrid of the infamous Gorilla Glue #4 and Cheese Quake strains. With high levels of limonene and linalool, it promotes relaxation and pure blissful happiness. It will leave you uplifted, giggly and a little sedated, yet ready to take on any task the day has to offer. It’s an outstanding strain for anxiety and depression. Highly recommend this for those looking for a strain that gives great body effects, and s ll gives you a nice cerebral, goofy and happy buzz.

Igna us Stefanski

NCW CannaMed:
Medical Cannabis is o en only part of the treatment plan that pa ents use to manage their health conditions. It is important that pa ents talk to their primary care providers and other healthcare specialists because medical cannabis can interact with certain medications. Your pharmacist and provider can help to ensure that there are no complications. Remember: speak up to stay safe!

Dana Bridges, Family Nurse Prac oner

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