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The Future of CBD in Food

By: Ncw Staff October 15, 2019 no comments

The Future of CBD in Food

NCW is fortunate to have this article shared with us by author Sophia Cooper from Check it out-

In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in consumer’s desire for cannabidiol (CBD). With many people embracing CBD foods, today, you can find them in supermarkets and other new markets in states where they are legal. 

CBD has many health benefits and will have no choice but to regulate the industry to allow for fair trade and market growth. Therefore, the market will grow in the future due to proper regulations that will attract investors without any fear of violating FDA rules.

Currently, the Food Drug Association (FDA) argues that it is better to decide the future of CBD from a science stance. The FDA contends that there is an increased interest in the product due to its therapeutic nature. However, it also argues that many questions remain unanswered concerning the quality and safety of this product. What the FDA is saying here is that the government regulates food products differently by prioritizing the safety and health of consumers. Now, the FDA does not allow organizations to market CBD as a dietary supplement because it is still a subject for study.

However, some organizations are requesting FDA to issue a regulated trade permit for the use of CBD as a dietary supplement. The FDA argues that it must consider the amount of CBD safe for consumption and its interactions with the body as well as long-term exposure before it can conclude whether it will be widely available.

With the enormous popularity of CBD, which everyone has noticed, there is a lot of pressure on Congress. Soon, Congress will begin discussing how to add CBD to other FDA regulated products such as food. Since consumers are so enthusiastic about CBD, soon FDA will accept CBD-infused foods as long as they meet certain regulations. Recently in one statement, the FDA hinted that some foods and drinks can have cannabis in the future.  Therefore, there is a future for CBD.

Ref- Sophia Cooper

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