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Vape Scare – GO MEDICAL!

By: Ncw Staff October 8, 2019 no comments

Vape Scare – GO MEDICAL!

The hype around vapes being harmful has caused problems for consumers, business and the economy. Medical cannabis vapes in Maryland that don’t pass testing never make it to the shelves and these products go through extensive quality control measures. The issues stem from black market un-tested products. Some patients who got comfortable using cannabis vapes are now worried about the dangers associated with them. Businesses have suffered from this. Demand for vapes skyrocketed when the program came online. Supply has grown to meet the needs of patients not only in numbers but in product availability. Since the worry for vapes has increased the demand has gone down and is resulting in oversupply. The worst thing is for the patients who get success from vaping are now suffering because of misleading information and quandary of continuing to use vapes. Vapes, along with all products, available in the MMCC programs have gone through rigorous testing, regulation and are made with products grown, processed and sold seed to a sale right here in MD.


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