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Medical Recert Reimbursement Program

Avatar By: Tommy Lyons October 7, 2019 no comments

Medical Recert Reimbursement Program

NCW is now going to pay for your medical recertification. Not only do we have great deals and daily savings, Not only do we pay for your Hatem bridge pass, Not only do we do patient appreciation days, parties, pop-ups, etc. etc. but NOW we will even pay for you to see the doc, so you can continue to obtain your meds! Wow that was a mouthful. So here is how it works-

You will get $25 off your order until the fee for your recertification is met.

You will receive a card to track uses

If you lose your card you will not be able to get a new one

You must bring in your receipt with your information showing it was your visit

The recert must have been on or after October 1st, 2019

One use per visit, per day

In store use only (not for delivery)

No fixed amount needed to spend to use

No cash back for orders leas than $25

It can be used toward anything in the store

NCW loves our patients. Together, we are doing more than just buying and selling cannabis. We are building a community. Like minded people are coming together, more and more, to work together to fight and end the stigma. This is one way for us to say – thank you 🙏🏽


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