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NCW Discount Program – Did You Know?

By: Ncw Staff September 24, 2019 no comments

NCW Discount Program – Did You Know?

Amongst daily deals and flash sales NCW offers a variety of discounts for qualifying patients. They are as follows-

BIRTHDAY – Recieve $10 off your purchase

DISABILITY – 20% off must bring proof of disability.

HATEM BRIDGE – Get $20 off your Hatem Bridge pass, must bring a receipt

INDUSTRY – 20% off if you are working in the cannabis industry must bring proof of employment.

MINORS –  (certified patient <18 yrs old) 25%

NEW PATIENT – Get 20% off if you visit and purchase something as a first-time patient.

NEW PATIENT REFERRAL – Receive 20% off if you are a current patient of NCW and bring in a new patient.

SENIOR – Get 20% off if you are 65 or older must bring proof of DOB.

VETERAN – Get 25% of if you are a Veteran, must bring proof.
( Speical Thanks for your service )


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