Who is Linda Biggs? Did you know? – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Who is Linda Biggs? Did you know?

Linda Biggs is an amazing woman who has been part of the NCW journey since day one.  Linda Biggs products have been on the shelves starting with her Mermaid Series papers and trays.  Linda made a custom tray for NCW and has set up at our events to showcase her beautiful art and designs.  Maryland Connoisseur recently did an article on her, here is a snippet and reference-

“It have been part a the journey of advocacy in Maryland, fighting for change and I was one of the first medical patients. I gave a speech at Cannabis Professionals Meeting July 2018 and The Maryland community started taking me seriously. Maryland supported my mission and now we are sharing nationwide. ”

Ref- https://marylandconnoisseur.com/linda-biggs-column

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