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Make Medicated Butter with Shatter

So you want to make your own edibles – using shatter is the way to do it.  Here is how you make medicated butter.  Then you just use it however you would use butter.  I put it on toast.
1 G shatter
Silicone container
Ask the tech in the store which shatter would be best for you based off what you are looking to achieve.
Put shatter in the silicone.
Put in oven for 25 minutes at 225 degrees.  It will liquify.
Melt butter.
Once the 25 minutes is up pour the wax into the butter and mix it well.  The cannabis will bind to the fats in the butter.  I like to melt butter in the microwave and when we are around 25 minutes on the wax I will pull the butter out at the same time as the wax and combine immediately with a hand blender.  Bam.  Have to be quick though.
Put it in a container and put that in the freezer for a few hours or until the water separates from the butter and goes to the bottom
Discard water, keep the butter block.
If your shatter is 60% THC you will yield 600 MG of THC.  One dose of THC is 10 MG.
Lets say you are making cookies and they call for 1/4 of the butter you just made.  That would be 150 MG.
If you made 15 cookies each one would be 10 MG.
And thats how its done!
Dina Boebel, MDEddies

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