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Cannabis and Spina Bifida

Studies have been and are being done on the effectiveness of cannabis in regard to treating spina bifida and the results are astonishing.

Users are seeing relief and long term healing with cannabis.  Some common symptoms of spina bifida that cannabis can help are :

  1. movement disorders
  2. chronic pain
  3. muscles spasms
  4. nerve damage
  5. THC reduces spasticity
  6. vomiting
  7. migraines

While there is no cure for the nerve damage caused by Spina Bifida only surgery and supportive care, there is help in relieving the above symptoms.  That help comes from medical marijuana.

Full spectrum extracts have been shown to provide the best results.  RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is the best medicine to use and it can be orally and sublingually ingested.  Tinctures are also a great option.  Start with two drops under the tongue and then increase the dosage as necessary.  Depending on which symptoms you are targeting.  Vape is another great option for immediate symptom onset relief.  THC will work with CBD for every symptom but the ratio will depend on the user.  Products high in CBN are showing potential for neuron regeneration.   CBG heavy products are also beneficial for those with SB.  The plant has so many cannabinoids that we have not yet identified so as we narrow it down based on strain and ingestion format we will better understand what parts of the plant provide the best opportunity for long-term healing.

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