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How To – Using a glass smoking apparatus

For thousands of years people have been using pipes to combust or as we commonly refer to as smoke cannabis. To start take a little pinch of your freshly ground cannabis and lightly add it to the bowl on your pipe. Press down slightly to pack it in a bit, but not too tight. Allow for some airflow to assist in the burning of your cannabis. If the bowls packed down too tightly, you might just end up wasting cannabis and not getting anything out of it. Most pipes will come with what’s known as a “choke”, “shotgun” or “carb”. This is a little hole that’s located right beside the bowl itself. You can regulate the airflow of the hit with the choke. If your pipe has a choke, make sure to put a finger over it while lighting the pipe. Cover the choke, light and inhale slowly. Once a good amount of cannabis has been burnt, or all if the bowl is small, let go of the choke and bring the rest of the smoke in to your lungs. Keep it in for a second or two. You don’t have to hold it in for any longer then that, as almost all of the cannabinoids have been absorbed into your lungs after milliseconds.

Let us know if you have questions. It is a great way to consume for immediate anxiety relief, relaxation and clearing your mind with a nice hybrid for a good anytime smoke.

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