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Pain, Insomnia, Anxiety, Stress-Solutions for You.

Shore Naturals just bought back three of their most popular strains – Blue Diesel (BD), Sky Lotus (SL) and Hammerhead (HH).

BD and SL are both indica hybrids and have similar profiles and effects.  Patient testimonials say these strains both provide full body pain relief, relaxation, drowsiness, anxiety/stress relief… these are both great “watch TV before bed” strains ☺️.

HH takes it a notch further.  This heavy indica will have similar effects but will be more of a sleepy one.  This is the strain to keep on your night stand. Couple puffs before closing your eyes and you should wake up refreshed and most importantly at the time you want to wake up.  Developing and regulating a consistent sleep pattern is key to wellness and increasing overall quality of life.

These strains are $30 for a 1/4 oz today, Wednesday 26 April, 2019.  This is a great time to try something new that will be consistently on the menu.  If you like something- stick with it 👍🏾 .

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