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Firecracker Flower

By: Ncw Staff April 23, 2019 no comments

Firecracker Flower

Firecracker 🧨 is a brand new strain at NCW and is new to me. I asked Kory to help me pick a strain and I am glad he found this.  I need something for anxiety and stress and Firecracker helps with both.  It gives me a calming sensation over my whole body.  It is peaceful and does not put me down which I really like.  The initial reaction to the scent-smoked BBQ 🤷🏽‍♂️.  Iggy said he could smell it too.  I love this price point too- this is great meds and its affordable.  Normally $45, but on Street Price Tuesday its only $36 and thats when you will see me in the store 😉. Ok everyone LMK what you think when you try it.  Till then- stay medicated!

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