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NCW News Nov / Dec 2018

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NCW News Nov / Dec 2018

Wellness Starts Here
November/December 2018
Letter from Linda
By Linda Condon, Director

Happy Holidays and Welcome back to the Nature’s Care and Wellness Newsletter. We cannot believe how fast the past three months went. Congratulations are in order for our team. Abby is our new General Manager, Kory and Jordan are Shift Leaders and Dina, Shelly, Kate, Tommy and Alex are now Senior Technicians. We are close to having 2000 registered patients. We aided hundreds of potential new patients sign up at the crab feast patient appreciation party, First Fridays, Smoke and Glass shop events and at the Backstage Bash. Dina’s cooking class has been a huge hit. State level system issues continue to plague the industry but the MMCC released a memo stating that we can still sell you up to 12g of flower or 2.5 grams of concentrate during outages. We hear patient success stories every day and that means this medicine is working. Thank you for being with us on this journey to wellness!

Success Stories

By Bobby

This medicine heals. Many of our patients have experienced such a huge change in quality of life that they are dedicating their time to being NCW patient advocates. A patient advocate is someone who believes in the power of cannabis and community. Our patient advocates are happy to assist everyone sign up to get their medical cards and come into NCW. You may be an NCW patient advocate and not even know it. We have had lots of people volunteer to help out at events and sign people up. We are all soldiers in this war to END THE STIGMA!


By Kory

The holidays are upon us folks! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!?! Ho Ho Ho yourself into NCW for the amazing deals this winter. Those who wore costumes on Halloween got great prizes! We are doing a Thanksgiving Food Drive for our community. If you or a patient, you know is in need let us know and take what you need. On the other hand- if you can bring some canned or boxed goods in we would greatly appreciate it. Christmas is also around the corner. We figured what better to do for Christmas that support our troops overseas. We are doing “Stockings for Soldiers” where we are asking you bring in items for our boys and girls who can’t be home with us for the holiday season. Lots of patients are saving their points for the holidays – we have great headshop items that will make awesome gifts for the family and friends. Happy Holidays – BTW No Lay Away!!

Veteran’s Corner

By Steven Klein, US Army Sgt Maj Retired

Cannabis saved my life. After being in the Army for almost 40 years, believe me I have been in search of relief. From 1977 through 2006 I went through every type of environment, weather, currency and war during that time. I survived Desert Storm and the Pentagon attack on Sept 11, 2001. Since being Honorably Discharged in 2006 I have been through 13 surgeries and was prescribed pain pills. The pills didn’t help so at the recommendation of a friend I kicked the pills in 2010 and went with cannabis as my only source of relief. Cannabis improves my quality of life. I am less angry. My PTSD isn’t as hard to deal with. The physical relief is wonderful for my nerve issues, tremors and pain. The kief has probably been most helpful. I need extra power when I smoke, and this really does the trick. Strong indicas seem to be best for me. Cannabis also helps me with appetite and sleep. Smoking really calms me down after blasting these stupid politicians online. I don’t know what’s worse, them or the damn sand fleas from the Gulf War. They can block me and put me in Facebook jail but now that it’s legal, they will never be able to take away my cannabis.

Patient Testimony

By Connie

I was on narcotics for over 11 years. I have suffered from anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia for as long as I can remember. As of today, October 1st, I am 37 days clean from all narcotics! I have used a bunch of different products in my fight against opiates, they all work very well. I vape and smoke- mainly indicas. The high CBD strains are great too especially when I mix with some THC flower. I am so happy with NCW and the team. You guys make it easy for me to understand and the results are unbelievable. Thank you NCW. Please let everyone know this medicine works.

Cannabis and Sports

By Abby
Those pre-game butterflies…just fly away after smoking before a game. I would get instant relief from stomach pains, nerves, and shakiness. Before games that I didn’t smoke 2 hours before a game I would have to lay down on my stomach after getting taped up. I smoked before hand I wouldn’t be nervous or anxious and by the time the game starts, I’m wasn’t high and I would be totally focused. My coordination was better. I was faster. On top of that, it made my overall quality of life better. When we won I smoked a celebratory blunt! When we lost I smoke a blunt anyways!

Community Outreach

By Tommy

Our community has taken leaps and bounds since the program started. NCW leads the way not only in products, pricing and service but in community involvement. Our First Annual Crab Feast is something that has never been done before by anyone. We fed hundreds of people with delicious crabs and food along with having our friends come out to set up booths. Culta sponsored the event and helped us make it a blast. Our patients set up tables to sell their goods and grow their business. If you would like to set up at our next event let us know! The Maryjane of Maryland Magazine is fully online and their team is doing amazing work. Their launch party bought the industry together with patients from all over the state. We had a patient sign up event with our friends at Smoke and Glass in Fallston and that was a great success! We appreciate every local business and entity that have welcomed us and we are here for you too.

Cooking with Cannabis

By Dina

If you are planning to incorporate THC into your recipe, know the percentage that you are cooking with. Understanding THC levels is a critical step when using any cannabis product. Once you pick out the flower that is right for you, be sure to make a note of the THC percentage, which will allow you to dose accurately and responsibly. While it might seem tempting to use a blend of trim or shake that you have left over, don’t do it! When you combine different strains, it is extremely difficult to know the potency you are working with. Stick to one strain per infusion while cooking. Try making an edible pumpkin pie- Tis the season!

Strain Review

By Iggy

Hi everyone – I’m Iggy! I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Nature’s Care and Wellness. For my first column I would like to highlight Brenda’s Gift. Brenda’s Gift is a high CBD strain. CBD is non-psychoactive and tasteless. Recent findings have discovered that CBD with a combination of THC can greatly reduce chronic pain and high levels of anxiety. This indica-hybrid has a perfect level of THC and CBD to help the user get relief from many conditions including anxiety, pain and inflammation. I use it in both flower and vape and the relief is incredible.

Product Highlight

By Jordan
Our headshop is STOCKED. We have everything you want from bowls to bongs to specialty items. Don’t forget the King Palms. Abby, Dina, Shelly and myself hand stuff these rolls right here in the shop. Flavors for days, indicas, sativas. hybrids… Tobacco free organic leaf with the corn cob husk filter… for sure. Those Frosty custom rigs we have in the shop are super dope too. One of those next to your custom built spice rack will look crazy tight. But yeah, Palm Sunday – check out the King Palms…if we still have any by then.

Shelly’s Terps

By Shelly
Oh my gosh that Myrcene has been potent! A couple of our strains are over 2% myrcene and the Granddaddy Purps (one of my favorites) is rockin a 2.47% – Holy Cow! I like myrcene because it helps me sleep. It definitely adds to the couch lock feeling 😊. So yeah, if you are looking for sedation, relaxation and chillin, try a strain high in myrcene. High myrcene = high patient! LOL!

Concentrate Corner

By Alex
Let me start by saying GOOD BYE JEFF SESSIONS! Now that that is out of the way let’s talk concentrates. I have found shatter to be the best for those new to loose concentrates. You can roll it up into a ball to put in your bowl, you can stretch it out to make a snake for your joint or you can pick up one of our new silicone rigs and go traditional (the best way IMO). Come in and ask for me if you have concentrate questions. Remember dabbing is not just a thing – it’s a way of life.

Old School Knowledge

By Bill Vernall
This month let’s look at how we prepare our flower. The introduction of the grinder has simplified the once lengthy process of prepping your smoking material. Back in the day, I used a Frisbee rather than a tray, same principal. 1st you would break up the buds, crumple the leaves and trash the stems. It was like panning for gold, rolling the seeds around and away from the plant material, you always saved your seeds. Once you have removed all the trash, seeds and stems, this was your smoking material. I would leave this material in the frisbee for a couple of days to dry it out and then put it into a Tupperware container with a sealable lid. I liked the wheat zig zag papers, they were yellowish in color and I believe tasted better than the white papers. There was another method in my madness, my group of friends also used the wheat papers. This way we knew who’s joint we were smoking, making sure you didn’t smoke something which may have been treated with something you didn’t want to smoke. For some reason, chemicals would be put on the cannabis, like PCP or DMT, not sure why but they did. Caution was important in those day, a puff of a joint which had been laced with these chemicals could put you into an orbit you didn’t want. To this day, I take pride in my rolling; they have to smoke & burn well.

The other day I stopped into NCW, as always Tommy was there to assist. This trip I was looking for an Indica, some nights my arthritis depending on what I have been doing the past couple of days becomes more of an issue. Therefore I need a little something extra to help me sleep through the night. On this visit, Tommy recommended I try the Old New York City Diesel (ONYCD 3.0) from Nature’s Heritage Cannabis products. A beautiful large bud and a couple small made up this 1/8. Ground up 1 of the small buds in my ole Space Case grinder that looks like a small block Chevy piston and rolled one up. To my disappointment, it didn’t smoke well at all. It was a sticky bud, dense and compact. My opinion, these buds were not dried properly to my liking. So I went looking for my ole trusted frisbee broke up the remaining buds and ran them through my grinder. The ground-up material was placed in the frisbee and spread out to dry, I left it to air dry for a couple of days. Let me tell you, in my mind, this makes all the difference in the world, now the joints I roll are burning and smoking just fine………..Just Saying!

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