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Cannabis as Medicine

By: Ncw Staff September 1, 2018 no comments

Cannabis as Medicine

I first learned about medical cannabis in 1996. I have a friend, a Retired United States Army Ranger, who after years of deployments around the world in some of the harshest conditions suffered from debilitating arthritis. The traditional treatment plan created adverse effects on his body.  Stationed in California as the revolution began with medical cannabis being legalized, he enrolled in the program.  22 years later, I’m pleased to say, my good friend is still with us. He’s in his late 60’s still living in California and enjoying his life without traditional medicine. What I learned from my good friend was micro-dosing, something I have been doing for some time has amazing benefits. The reason I microdose with the capsules is because I have arthritis in my hands, foot and both knees in addition to anxiety. In wet weather, I may take a second capsule to help manage arthritis.  There is another benefit, I call it my OCD. Ole Cranky Disorder. Trust me when I say, it really helps with the attitude and makes me a whole lot easier to be around. 

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