Maryland Medical Cannabis August / September 2018 Newsletter – Maryland Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Maryland Medical Cannabis August / September 2018 Newsletter

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Maryland Medical Cannabis August / September 2018 Newsletter


August/September 2018

Letter from Linda By Linda Condon, Director
Welcome back to Nature’s Care and Wellness Newsletter. July was a great month for us.  We celebrated at our patient appreciation party and on 7/10.  Statewide system outages have created adversity, however, we continue pushing forward to make sure we are creating a venue for safe access.  Our product selection has grown immensely, and prices continue to drop across the board.  I want to give a special thanks to the team here at NCW.  Everyone brings something special to the table that when combined makes us the greatest dispensary locally and nationwide.  As our community grows we are honored to be a part of this with you!         

Employee Spotlight By Donnie
This week’s superstar is Jordan Ewing.  He is an incredible salesman.  His product knowledge is unparalleled.  Jordan also spends a lot of time in the back packaging and packing joints.  We tell him he needs to stop stuffing them so heavy but he says the people like it so… Anyway, big ups to Jordan Ewing – keep doing what you do and you will accomplish anything you want.

Shelly’s Terps By Shelly
THC is not everything people!  This month’s featured terp, Limonene is another one of my favorites because of its amazing daytime benefits.  Sativa strains generally exhibit higher levels of limonene than others. High levels of limonene are found in your citrus flavored strains like Tangie, Lemon Haze, and Sour Diesel.  Limonene has been shown to alleviate depression, relieve heartburn, reduce gastric reflux, combat cancer, deter toenail fungus, improve weight loss, and help the skin’s ability to absorb other terpenes produced by the plant.  If you look on our menu board you will see “Shelly’s Choice” strain is Qleaner!!  Guess why!?!?

Success Stories By Bobby
Patients keep coming back talking about opioid reduction and elimination.  Patients have been tapering down off opiates using cannabis to heal and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Some of my close friends who started using cannabis 5 months ago have eliminated opiate usage.  Every day more and more patients come in looking to kick opioids and this is working.  Pain management clinics are against cannabis usage because it works.  They give you opioids and methadone to keep you locked in liquid chains while we provide real-life solutions that will ultimately put PM out of business. I recommend this medicine to my closest friends and family members.  I use it myself.  I stand by my products and I will not give up until we have eradicated opioid abuse in our community.   

NCW Promotions By Kory
I about lost my mind when we started doing flash sales that included $35 eights, $50 off spice racks, Temescal concentrates blown out, and to top that off we had Tangie cartridges at $55.  As the prices drop for us the deals get better for YOU!  Every day I see people redeeming points and some even end up with free products!  From daily deals to points, to flash sales and even patient appreciation day – NCW is dedicated to providing the best experience for you and helping you stretch your dollar on meds.  Compassion is key so if you need us to work with you to find a solution let us know.

Product Highlight By Jordan
As a guy who dabs daily, it is extremely important to me to use the best torch available.  Our economy torch is solid don’t get me wrong BUT the R MEGA – this thing rips.  Available in 5 colors, sturdy and the flame is hardcore.  The custom Frosty pieces are special.  You will never see anything like them, especially around here.  The PAX Era changed the game when it comes to concentrating vapes.  Connect it to your phone, lock it remotely, monitor inhales, keep track of dosing, control temperature and you can get over 400 puffs.  Talk to me if you have a headshop request.  Peace.

Patient Testimony By Greg
In March I was taking 130MGs of opiates every day.  I decided it was time to stop.  I started a cannabis regimen and told my doc to start tapering.  I went down 1MG each day.  I am now at 0MG per day.  Cannabis saved my life and got me off opiates.  If it can do it for me, it can do it for you.   

Strain Review By Alex
We found the golden ticket with the Golden Ticket Shatter from Culta.  Everything Culta has been dropping is straight fire.  This hybrid strain has a high level of THC and has a very nice CBD profile.  I tried this in my rig and in my Yocan and the flavor is very light with a terp profile that is not overpowering.    

Cannabis as Medicine By Bill Vernall
I first learned about medical cannabis in 1996. I have a friend, a Retired United States Army Ranger, who after years of deployments around the world in some of the harshest conditions suffered from debilitating arthritis. The traditional treatment plan created adverse effects on his body.  Stationed in California as the revolution began with medical cannabis being legalized, he enrolled in the program.  22 years later, I’m pleased to say, my good friend is still with us. He’s in his late 60’s still living in California and enjoying his life without traditional medicine. What I learned from my good friend was micro-dosing, something I have been doing for some time, has amazing benefits. The reason I microdose with the capsules is because I have arthritis in my hands, foot and both knees in addition to anxiety. In wet weather, I may take a second capsule to help manage arthritis.  There is another benefit, I call it my OCD. Ole Cranky Disorder. Trust me when I say, it really helps with the attitude and makes me a whole lot easier to be around. 

Cannabis and Sports By Abby
Cannabis is potentially the best athletic supplement.  Why?  Because I said so!  When I started tracking I wasn’t smoking before running. Once I started getting into longer distance marathons, I noticed I was thinking more about how much longer I had to go and how many miles were left as opposed to enjoying the experience.  When I began smoking cannabis before hitting the track it changed my entire mentality and the way I looked at what I was doing.  It helped me remember running is fun. While “weed” may not sound like an ideal substance to ingest before lacing up your sneakers, it turns out our bodies naturally produce similar compounds after exercise. Research shows that high levels of anandamide, a cannabinoid naturally produced in the body, are found in the bloodstream after exercise.  Gregory Gerdeman, an assistant professor of biology at Eckerd College, stated “Ingesting cannabis mimics the very natural process of increasing exercise-induced endocannabinoids. That runner’s joy—whether natural or marijuana-induced—can minimize distraction and help exercise be not just a means to an end but an enjoyment.” Boom.

Community Outreach By Tommy
What a great time to be part of the cannabis movement in Maryland.  We have connected with so many great people including patients, industry friends and members of our community.  The cities of Perryville and Havre de Grace have welcomed us with open arms.  We are excited and fortunate to work with Maryjane of Maryland, who recently released the first edition of their magazine and hosted the second Cannaminds event.  District 6 Delegate Ric Metzger visited the shop and learned about how cannabis saves lives.  Together we are changing the game, ending the stigma and fighting the good fight!

Legalization By Alex
It’s funny to think we have these maple loving neighbors to the north, and yet we are the ones moving as slow as molasses! Often, when looking at debates about cannabis legalization we narrowly only look at the scope of America. Which states is it allowed? Who’s legalizing next? When will the whole country do it? In America, we currently have 9 states and the District of Columbia (our nation’s capital 😒) with the recreational use allowed, and 30 states who permit medical cannabis use. Canada has become the second country in the history of the world to legalize cannabis for recreational use.  Recreational cannabis means safe, easy, and legal access to EVERYONE, regardless of your situation. Congratulations Canada! With a vote of 52-29 in favor of opening the Canadian Cannabis Market, cannabis won by a long shot! Fingers crossed that it is so successful that our government says, “Hmmm… maybe we should try that”. We are all rooting for you Canada, you amazing trailblazer, you!

Veterans Corner By Tommy Lyons, USAF, Combat Veteran
Veterans have great benefits.  The unfortunate thing is that many veterans are not aware of their benefits.  Service-connected disabled veterans have a very good chance of getting their medical cannabis card but they are unaware because the VA will not tell you.  Most veterans I speak with are worried they will lose their medical benefits if the docs find out but that is not true.   We need the federal government to open their eyes and stop the stigma that is keeping veterans sick.  The CHEP housing on Perry point is dedicated to helping struggling veterans get housing and get back on their feet.  They are hosting a golf outing for a fundraiser for the program on September 11th and the funds will benefit the program.  I meet so many veterans along the way and vet to vet- thank you for serving.

Vendor Highlight Liberty
NCW is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Liberty and stock their amazing product line in our store.  Liberty’s product series is unique to the industry.  Their Vitality collection is great for energy and productivity.  The Clarity line is comprised of uplifting Sativa hybrids to help keep you focused during the day.  Harmony products are great anytime items.  The tranquility series is perfect for late night relaxation and finally Serenity which is geared toward sleep and sedation.  I spoke with Megan Shank of Liberty who told me how excited she is about the Pax ERA vape option which was recently released.  The Pax ERA brings a new twist to vaping.  The pen links to your phone which allows you to control temperature, monitor inhalations, lock your vape and so much more.  We offer pods for the unit which contains enough oil to produce up to 400 puffs.  When Liberty scores; you score, and Liberty hit this one out of the park!    

Old School Knowledge By Bill Vernall
Maybe at 65 years of age, I’ve become a lightweight. Back in the 70’s I could party all night with the best of them. Course in those days things were much different, my age and the potency of cannabis. In those days, if you could find an OZ you considered yourself lucky. What you got is again, different from what you get today. You hoped you saw seeds, which meant it had buds, along with the seeds, there were the stems and the leaves. Back then, with all the trash removed, you might have had 20 grams of smokeable product. Which brings me to my point, Potency. Today we are seeing product THC at levels above 30% on buds, in the 70’s, 5% – 7% THC was the norm. Most time it took a couple of joints or bowls to catch a buzz.  I’m a 1 hit guy and have carried a Dug Out 1 Hitter for 30+ yrs. Generally, 1 in the morning and another in the afternoon, maybe 1 before bed. That’s what it takes for me to manage my issues today.  Things have changed, a 6 pack of beer was $1.65, an ounce of weed was $20.00 and no cell phones, can you imagine. I sincerely believe, my use of cannabis allowed me to reach this stage of my life, and for that, I’m very grateful.


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