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THC Drives, CBD Rides

By: NCW Medical April 5, 2018 no comments

THC Drives, CBD Rides

The truth bought to light by cannabis activist Ricky Simpson was that THC is necessary for the fight against so many diseases and terminal conditions.  The conception is that THC gets you high which many folks do not want to experience.  THC, when appropriately paired with CBD, creates what is called the entourage effect.  The best way to illuminate how this works is to picture a car.  CBD gets in the passenger seat.  The car doesn’t do anything.  Then THC enters the driver seat.  THC turns on the car and begins to accelerate.  When the THC starts going to fast the CBD reels the THC back in to regain control and make the medicine work harder to not only provide relief but to potentially benefit from long-term healing.  Large quantities of THC may be necessary in certain cases but there are ways to consume large quantities without necessarily experiencing any high.  When combined, these cannabinoids may alleviate stress, anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, IBS- the list goes on.  This oil has the potential to aid in anger management by taking the edge off and creating a sense of relaxation and wellness.  Turning the cannabis into oil and making orally consumed tablets can be a cost-effective way to turn your raw materials into medicine that can be dosed and controlled.  As we learn more together and as Maryland continues to grow its medical cannabis program we hope to be able to provide more products and information on this medicine and how it can be applied.  For now, make sure to stop in on Tuesdays and see Dina for the Magical Butter class.  The MB2 machine can make a tincture and more so you can find the best way to consume your medicine.  Come on into the store to learn more and remember; At NCW, Wellness Starts Here!!!

Special thanks to Bill Vernall for inspiring this article.

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