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Mother & Son’s Real Life Experience with Alternative Medicine

By: NCW Medical October 12, 2017 no comments

Mother & Son’s Real Life Experience with Alternative Medicine

I would like to tell a story about how I have seen cannabis work with my own eyes.  My mother sat us down on a warm summer night in august to let us know that she just got a body scan done and the doctor found cancer in her lungs liver and spleen.  It all started when she went for a regular massage.  Her therapist felt a lump under her neck that was not there two weeks prior.  She went to the DR. immediately and they did a biopsy and it was indeed cancer.  My mom wanted to know what her alternatives were to chemo and traditional medicine.  She knows my passion about cannabis and here’s me telling all these awesome life changing stories and now we were about to be one of those stories.  

After talking to my mom extensively and going over treatment options using cannabis she decided against chemo and that she would give this a shot first.  I am no doctor and please do not take medical advice from me.  I am simply telling you a real life event that has happened and is currently happening with me.  We know that CBD can stop tumor growth and THC can kill cancerous tumors.  It is also very important to say that cannabis alone is not enough when trying to fight off cancer.  You must change your diet immediately and eliminate all sugar.  Cancer feeds off of sugar.  

About the beginning of august we started giving my mother Full plant extracted cannabis oil.  She had never consumed cannabis before except in the 70’s as a young curious kid.  Now she is consuming it in hopes that it could save her life.  Fast forward to mid September and she had to go to the hospital for kidney stones.  They then had to do a CAT scan of her organs to look for the stones and at that time they advised her of a tumor on her liver.  She had already know of this and had a exact measurement from it when they did the body scan.  Well we are happy to say that the tumor has shrunk over 50% since then.   We will have the next body scan in the beginning of November and I will keep everyone updated.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and find out how cannabis could help you.  It helps a lot more than cancer.

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