Why Cannabis?

The myth that prescription drugs are safer than marijuana is completely false. Both marijuana and prescription painkillers have potential psychoactive side effects, but the long-term effects of marijuana use appear to be far safer and not at all life-threatening. One study indicates that patients addicted to opiates could experience decreased brain function. Some forms of marijuana, such as cannabidiol (CBD), appear to have no effect on cognitive function at all. Many adversaries of medical marijuana like to portray users as “stoners” who are unable to function properly in day to day life. However, many prescription medications have serious side effects including drowsiness, irritability, and inability to focus. Most of these types of medications will indeed warn against operating a motorized vehicle after using the medication. Obviously, people treating symptoms of illness with prescription medication are not able to function completely normally either. For patients suffering from chronic pain, cannabis could offer relief without the negative symptoms of long-term opiate use and, when using a high CBD strain of medical cannabis, without the lethargy and moodiness associated with many prescription medications.