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Street Price Tuesday Strain Highlight – Jordan’s Choice

May 7, 2019
The true indica The Bubba is one of the first documented strains in the United States. Hailing from Florida Pre 98 Bubba is boasting a THCa of 21.1 and it...

What is Deli Style?

May 6, 2019
The two ways you can purchase cannabis flower are pre-packed and deli-style. Deli style is when the budtender brings the Flower over to you in a jar. You pick the...

Street Price Tuesday- Check out the SC Blue Dream!

April 30, 2019
Blue Dream is a strain that can be visually identified via genetics. True Blue Dream lineage will produce a bud with many tips, light orange pistils, light green flower, frosty...

Spotlight Item – Blue Dream CBD Flower

April 17, 2019
Check out the Blue Dream CBD 1:1 Flower and see why it's Tommy's Choice!
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